Stay Smile, Hachimantai.

A highland resort at 1,500 m above sea level.
Natural onsen, Japanese cuisine, tatami-mat guest rooms, yukata, cherry blossoms, snow, starry skies, and Mount Iwate.
Feel the best of what Japan has to offer at Hachimantai Heights.

The onsen

Japan is a country of volcanos, with nearly 4,000 onsen areas, which serve as oases for Japanese people to heal their bodies and minds. Hachimantai Heights has natural sulfur hot springs, which feature clear waters with a slight sulfur smell. These onsen empower you and keep you warm from within. We have outdoor baths with a delightful natural landscape, as well as large, gender-separated public baths. We also have footbaths, saunas, rock saunas and time-limited private baths.

Guest rooms

One of the features that make our hotel popular to a wide range of customers is the variety of guest rooms you can choose from. We have Japanese-style rooms with tatami-mats made of warm, natural materials, with futon mattresses, as well as Western-style rooms with beds. You can also choose individually designed guest rooms in the annex that combine old wood and tatami mats, complete with its own onsen, or a suite with traditional Japanese furnishings, depending on the way you want to style your visit and your personal preference. You can wear the yukata in your room free of charge—wearing colorful yukata will add to your unique experience of Japan.

guest rooms


We are proud to serve you premium meat (beef and pork) from animals that have been raised in fertile land. Feel the difference of how sweet our finely marbled Shimofuri-meat tastes when you bite into it, and how it melts in your mouth. Served as steak, shabu-shabu, steam-grilled and many other methods, it is something you can only enjoy in Japan. Iwate Prefecture is also a treasure trove of vegetables and fish. We serve Japanese cuisine using only the day’s freshest ingredients.


Travelling to our hotel

Narita airport to our hotel

About our hotel/Recommended sightseeing spots

On our expansive premises, we have walking trails, a miniature golf course, park golf, tennis courts, and a barbecue area. There are also winter sports facilities nearby for skiing and snowboarding and in the summer, trekking through the Towada Hachimantai National Park is a wonder. Hachimandai is situated in the center of the northern Tohoku area and provides easy accessibility to other places in Iwate, Akita and Aomori Prefectures. Attractive destinations include Hirosaki and Kakunodate, both of which are famous for their cherry blossoms. You can enjoy the exciting Aomori Nebuta Festival in the heat of the summer, as well as the Omagari Fireworks Festival and the Akita Kanto Festival. You can also experience Japan at our hotel by visiting the mountain streams of Oirase, which is known for its beautiful waterfalls and rushing streams, or the Konjikido Buddhist temple, a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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